A creative way to organize your events.

Organizing the events is actually a big responsibility, at the same time it could be a creative way to find expression. The best quality of an organizer is punctuality. If everything is done according to the plan and fit to the schedule, at least it would let the planned things happen… even if there is certain lack of creativity in the end. If you messed up and came late, then the other members may get demoralized while the audience bored. As the boredom of the audience increases, you would actually have to provide more than you were planning, just to return them the favor of actually waiting for your arrival.

Anyway, let’s consider the way you could make an event a little bit brighter and memorable, so at least there would be some nice moments to remember. Well, in order to do that, you simply have to bear that intent in mind as you start planning things. There are some people who happen to be naturally more creative and hence create even more interesting moments, but that doesn’t mean that you or anyone else cannot do the same. All you have to do is to try and to know what you are doing.

Having done with that, let us draw some real examples. I know that they would still be imaginary in this post, but at least they would have intent to represent an actual real world event and so could still be useful while making the comparisons. Suppose you have a meeting of the company heads. Here is a head engineer and there a head of the accounting department and over there a guy who handles the financial aspects of the company, and so on and so forth. What would you do in this situation, and how could you actually express them?

Well, I would do something really simple, because everything that is simple is easy to reproduce and hence it turns out to work better. Fart jokes are really good and are always working. No matter have you farted in the backyard or a corporate meeting. If someone overhears you, they will naturally grin. If you understand that someone else also heard that and knew that you also heard that, and now he is looking at you, your grin can transform something more. Now, just image how it looks if you fart before hundreds of people, with loud speakers on. So I hope you do get the idea; even if the meeting wasn’t that good, they will at least find something to laugh at, and maybe next time it will make them visit again.

There are also other ways to organize the event, to which some also refer as virtual event management. In virtual event management, you will be mainly concerned with organizing online gathering and preparing the appropriate communicational channels. By definition, this would also involve the use of streaming media, often with help of media streaming providers.

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